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Kristu Jyoti Publications in an organ of Kristu Jyoti College which manages its publications. Although the beginnings of Kristu Jyoti Publications may be traced back to the year 1977 with the publication of Fr. Thomas Pazhayampallil’s Pastoral Guide: Moral, Canonical, Liturgical.

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Bosco Udayam is published by the Salesian Documentation Centre,Kristu Jyoti College.It aims at building up communi- cation among the Salesians of Asia and acts as a forum for sharing on issues of Salesian pastoral, educational and spiritual heritage.
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A unique Youth Pastoral, Theological and Catechetical quarterly that delves into the problems of the young and attempts to confront their deepest yearnings and hopes with the ever-relevant message of the Gospel.
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W e are happy to present the complete CATALOGUE OF KRISTU JYOTI PUBLICATIONS, which includes books in circulation as well as the upcoming titles due for release.
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