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    “What is Death?” This is the pressing question we all want to answer, because we all have been struck by the experience of death and are forced to direct our gaze towards the whole of reality. Coming from different nations and universities, the authors joined the Research Project “The Organism in an Interdisciplinary Context” within the STOQ Project (Science, Theology and the Ontological Quest). Regina Apostolorum Pontifical University in Rome has led this project since the year 2005 with the aim of studying organismic life and advancing a dialogue between natural sciences, human sciences, philosophy and theology.

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    It is yet another inspiring work from the bestselling author Fr. Dominic Kaniyantharayil SDB. Sprinkled with biblical references, anecdotes, quotations, reflections and intelligent observations it turns out to be inspirational and life transforming. The author reminds us that every choice we make means a thousand costly denials. When we understand in depth its different dimensions, Discipleship, a costly choice can become a challenging and exciting experience; a joyful journey with the Master.

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    This book, Special Prayer Services: Ready Recipe for Community Celebrations is aimed at providing a readymade help in animating the spiritual celebrations on various special occasions. With a view to connect prayer with life and to have a real God-experience, special attention has been paid to provide opportunities for personal and community reflection by way of commentaries, narratives, creative prayer-settings, questions for examination of conscience and moments of brief pause.

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    This book is an answer to the many demands laid down in the decree on the reform of ecclesiastical studies of Philosophy of the Congregation for Catholic Education. It is a manual on Philosophical Anthropology, an introduction meant especially for students and professors of ecclesiastical centres/institutes/colleges of philosophy.

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    The present document, published by the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue on the 50th anniversary of its institution by Pope Paul VI in 1964 as "Secretariat for Non-Christians," embodies the suggestions of some Episcopal Conferences and individual Bishops, as well as the results of consultation with Members during the aforementioned Plenary Assembly. It is aimed at providing some indications for pastors and all the Faithful who live and work with the people of other religions.

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    This book contains articles of the Indian Catechetical Association reflected on the role of Social Catechesis articulated in the theme: Catechetical Approach to Social Issues. The Social Issues discussed during the National Seminar included: Migrants' Issues, Gender Issues, Inter- religious Dimensions, the Context of the differently-abled, Social Media, Environment and the Dignity of Human Life. This book gives us an exhortation to build, not merely a house, but a happy, healthy and a holy home by walking together.

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    This book shows us how to do the Lectio Divina using the Gospel reading of Sundays. In his presentation, the author combines sound scholarship with the concrete realities of everyday life. His reflections can help all those who wish to profit more from the Sunday readings. Formators and formees, preachers, animators of Bible Study Groups, BCCs, and all those who wish to understand and live by the Word will find invaluable help in this book.

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    This volume brings together the most important writings of Don Bosco on the origin and development of the Salesian congregation, the Salesian method of working with the young, and the Salesian spirituality - in short - the heart, mind and mission of Don Bosco in his own words! Rev. Fr. Pascual Chávez Villanueva SDB, the former Rector Major states: "It should be like a “vademecum” or handbook essential for knowledge of Don Bosco. A must-read book for all lovers of Don Bosco."

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    In this book, the author contends that the Synoptics, and especially St. Luke, present women eyewitnesses to the Christian Kerygma and leads the reader to recognize them as eyewitnesses to the life, passion, death and resurrection of Jesus. They are a bridge between the story of Jesus and the story of the Church. They are part of the community that received the Spirit entitling them to prophesy and proclaim the Christian Kerygma. A work of scholarship in biblical Theology!

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    The sense of the Sacred permeates the human race from time immemorial. Human beings long for the reality of the Sacred and explore newer possibilities of applying the Sacred to other vistas of humanity, such as, society, culture, and more importantly, to an adequate and integral philosophical anthropology. This philosophical inquiry in to the contribution of Eliade can ignite valuable debate and raise important issues in the studies of religion today. An acknowledged resource book for institutes of philosophy, religion, theology and culture.

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    This book studies the relevance of the notion of commitment in Amartya Sen, the Indian economist and philosopher, in the context of the encyclical Caritas in Veritate (CV) by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI on integral human development. Sen’s notion of commitment is of particular relevance to the encyclical Caritas in Veritate. We are thus able to identify points of convergence between love and commitment by this comparative study. This volume is an immeasurably valuable contribution that searches after truth!

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    This book is a valuable contribution to theology throughout the Catholic world because of its integration of exegesis and ecclesiology and also because of its systematic presentation of the ecclesiological thought of the great Catholic exegete Raymond Brown. It is also an appraisal of the local churches in the New Testament as understood by Brown. It is an invaluable study carried out in ecclesiology on an in-depth level. It brings light and guidance to how we understand the Church today.

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    This volume of reflections on a few psalms is a sequel to another published a few years back, with the same title. God-experience is absolutely indispensable for human life and constitutes the most mysterious dimension of daily living. Really praying the psalms is indeed God-Experience Made Simple – GEMS. This is precisely why the Official Prayer of the Church, known as the Liturgy of the Hours, is focused on the psalms. Read it, be inspired!