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    This book, ‘Light for my Path’, following one of the objectives for which it was born - "the biblical animation of the Congregation", provides a simple guide to confreres along this journey. A short Lectio Divinahas been prepared by the members of the Association on the 22 biblical citations, which open the different chapters and sections in the constitutional text.

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    Being a Religious the Don Bosco way is a call to be like Don Bosco, an authentic sign and bearer of God’s love in the world today. This is to be realized, not only by being mere ‘service-providers’, but by being also experts in sharing knowledge in its various dimensions, spiritual experiences and insights, and above all by being agents of communion.

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    In this book entitled 'Let Us Celebrate Mercy: Adoration Services', CHACKO Alice FMA helps us to celebrate mercy in the presence of Jesus, “who is the face of the Father’s mercy” (MV, no.1). The services contained in this books touch on various aspects of mercy. They are creative and prayerful. They provide ample room for personal adoration and community prayer.

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    Know the Bible is a Scriptural bonanza that offers a holistic yet concise presentation of each of the seventy-three books of the Bible to enrich the reader with the cutting-edge know-how to interpret the Bible critically as per Catholic tradition. Know the Bible is a sizzling invitation to enter upon a millennial journey ‘from Genesis to Apocalypse,” to traverse ancient epochs in the company of Biblical characters and to relive the nodal points of Jewish and Christian salvation history.

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    As the fruit of an inordinately long and labyrinthine textual history that spans many centuries and reflects divergent cultures, the sacred corpus of the Bible legitimately demands sound and cogent answers to the plethora of queries from critical and perceptive readers. “Speak, Lord!” is a humble response to meet this felt need, an attempt to delve into the intricate divine-human text, to provide the necessary up-to-date information towards greater Bible know-how and life-in-the-Spirit-empowerment.

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    We live in an ever-changing technological world. But in this technological era, human thinking too has become technological: seeing everything as a resource to be exploited. In this scenario, Heidegger proposes a shift in thinking – from calculative to meditative thinking which would enable us to affirm technology without them affecting our inner core whereby we could be shepherds of the world and dwell poetically in it.

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    Fr. Chavez has articulated the most appropriate theme: Wake Up the World and Enlighten the Future! keeping in mind the deliberations of GC 27, the celebration of the Year of Consecrated Life, the challenges of Evangelii Gaudium, the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy and Pope Francis' Project of the Church. This book contains retreat talks on Salesian Life and Mission in the Light of Pope Francis' Project of Church, in the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy.

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    In this book, the author turns his attention to prayer. “LORD, TEACH US TO PRAY! Reflections on Prayer” gives the reader capsules for helping to explore key aspects of prayer in their Prayer journey. The aim of the book is to encourage discussion and reflection on prayer itself so as to help us grow in our prayer life.

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    In this book, the first seven Stations are based on the Spiritual Works of Mercy. Here we reflect on the deeds of Christ (Actiones Christi). The subsequent seven Stations are based on the Corporal Works of Mercy. Here, we reflect on the person of Christ (Persona Christi). Hence, the entire Way of Mercy begins with the life of Christ and continues to His suffering and death.

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    Laudato Si’ is the longest of all papal encyclicals. The present volume is a modest attempt to gather together in a more accessible package the main themes of the ground-breaking encyclical of Pope Francis. This is done in terms of the “ten green commandments” for the care of our common home. These green commandments themselves follow the main outline of the six chapters of the encyclical and are arranged according to the scheme of the See-Judge-Act methodology increasingly used in social sciences.

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    The study establishes that a society may be considered to have reached the zenith of its glory only to the extent to which protective legislations are enacted which safeguard the rights of the widows, orphans and the poor. Through an insightful blend of sound biblical scholarship and theological nuancing, the author confronts the challenges posed by social marginalization in Post-exilic Israel and the wonderful paradigm set by YHWH for the exercise of social justice – GOD Himself!”

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    Sacraments and Bioethics. This rich documentation, integrating all that is best in the insights of contemporary theologians, make the Pastoral Guide a sourcebook for ready reference. Fidelity to tradition and ecclesiastical teaching make for a ‘safe’ and dependable text.

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    Fundamental Moral Theology and Virtues. This rich documentation, integrating all that is best in the insights of contemporary theologians, make the Pastoral Guide a sourcebook for ready reference. Fidelity to tradition and ecclesiastical teaching make for a ‘safe’ and dependable text.