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    This little volume signals and constitutes a wake-up call to all disciples of Jesus Christ to become conscious of the fact that "Evangelizing is in fact the grace and vocation proper to the Church and constitutes her deepest identity. She exists in order to evangelize" (EN 2).

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    “Don Bosco: Symphony of Grace” is a compendium of the qualities of nature and grace of Don Bosco blending into a splendid symphony of life. The book has something special and important for everyone. The author, in a lucid way, shares his love and knowledge of a vast number of topics on Don Bosco’s personality with common people with the intention of making him known, loved and venerated.

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    This book contains articles by the Indian Catechetical Association and Kristu Jyoti College reflecting on the identity of the Christian Family and ministry towards Family, articulated in the theme: Family: Mystery and Ministry. The concept of Mystery is an expression of St. Paul in expressing the identity of the Family (Eph, 5:32). We look at the complex Mystery of the Family from biblical, sociological and cultural perspectives. We then turn our gaze to the Ministry from two perspectives, namely, Ministry within and Ministry towards Family.

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    It contains the Constitutions of the Society of St Francis de Sales, the "basic code", revised and re-written in accordance with the requirements of Vatican II (ref. "Ecclesiae Sanctae" II, 1, 12-14). In addition, it contains the updated version of the General Regulations, which form an integral part of the particular law of the Society. In the manual you will also find some of the writings of St. John Bosco, which are enriched with his spiritual experience.

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    In this book Juan José Bartolomé SDB shows us how to do Lectio Divina using the Gospel readings of Sundays. In his presentation he combines sound scholarship with the concrete realities of everyday life. His reflections can help all those who wish to profit more from the Sunday readings. Formators and formees, preachers, animators of Bible Study Groups, BCCs, and all those who wish to understand and live by the Word will find invaluable help in this book.

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    Here is an original commentary on the Gospel according to St. Mark, blending scholarly expertise with genuine pastoral concern. It is an exegetical, kerygmatic, theological and spiritual commentary on the Gospel according to St. Mark, based on the modern authors, as well as the insights of the Fathers of the Church. It will benefit not only the students of theology but will also be of immense help to all Christians thirsting for God’s Word.

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    “In this volume, Fr. Martino DAI LOC NGUYEN masterfully organizes the content of Blessed Philip Rinaldi’s circular letters around key elements of the Salesian Style and spirit: attachment to Don Bosco and his single-minded desire for the glory of God and the salvation of souls, active participation in Salesian Family life and Church life, piety and good human and spiritual formation. Significant, too, are his introductory chapters giving the highlights of Fr. Rinaldi’s life and describing the civil and ecclesial setting in which his teachings reside.”

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    St. John Bosco devoted himself wholly to the education, especially of the young of the less privileged sections of society. More than a century after his death, he continues to evoke awe in both ecclesiastical and educational circles for the novelty of his approach, the comprehensiveness of his method and the dedication of his life. The life of Don Bosco, elegantly presented by the author will definitely appeal to all readers irrespective of their age and occupation, creed or opinion.

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    In the preface to the book of LAZARUS Jerry, Fr. Maria ArokiamKanaga SDB, Regional Councillor for South Asia writes: “This book is a serious study of several significant dreams of Don Bosco, and the author has classified them into various categories: precognitive dreams, dreams dealing with his Oratory, reassuring dreams that recur at the crossroads of his life, those which help him guide his congregation, and those explaining the meaning of God’s action in his life.

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    These reflections, woven out of pastoral experiences and prayerful meditation, will tug at your heart-strings, lead you to prayerfully reflect on your inner world and produce greater joy in your ministry as also more abundant fruitfulness.