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    The book is designed to bring together under one cover a wide variety of philosophers belonging to the Western world. It is specially devised to be used as a simple reference guide for the students of Philosophy. Besides more than 90 philosophers, the book contains about 150 key frequently used philosophical terms and concepts; over 250 French, German, Greek and Latin words commonly used in Philosophy with their meaning in English; about 100 philosophical questions for reflection along with some recent philosophical trends.

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    This book is a collection of articles on the Salesian Educational System and its transforming effect on the students who have passed through the Don Bosco schools. The first part of the book consists of articles on the theoretical aspects of the Preventive System. The second part contains articles by those who have experienced this system in their life and have grown because of it.

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    On the occasion of GC27, the Salesian Biblical Association (ABS), following its traditional practice, has sought to offer a reflection on the dimension of radicalism that characterizes the following of Jesus, as it appears in the text of the NT, and the concrete tradition of SalesianLife and Mission. The first part presents evangelical radicalism in its essential dimensions. The second part reflects on the theme "work and temperance", so characteristic of Don Bosco and his spirituality and which constitutes the Salesian way of living evangelical radicalism.

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    According to the British historian Edward Hallett Carr, the task of the historian is neither to love the past for its own sake, nor to emancipate himself from the past, but to master and understand it as the key to the understanding of the present. In this process, the thoughts and actions of God and human beings blend, unite, at times appear at variance, cross each other, and even impede each other’s course; the final result being a wonderful mosaic, of which the most outstanding feature is the undying love of God for the human race.

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    This book contains a number of articles on the two-fold dimension of the Catechesis outlined in the General Directory for Catechesis, namely, Liturgical Education and Teaching to Pray. However, there is yet another dimension to the relationship between Catechesis and Liturgy: there is a Catechesis that happens and needs to happen during the Liturgy. The articles in this book study and reflect on the relevance of this theme.

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    Today, there is a greater awareness of the need for a spiritual guide and a renewed interest in Spiritual Direction. This volume is a tribute to Rev. Fr. MARUVATHRAIL Matthew SDB, a widely acclaimed spiritual director, on the Diamond Jubilee of his Religious Profession and the Golden Jubilee of his Priestly Ordination. This book brings together some excellent articles on spiritual direction. A sure assistance to those engaged in the ministry of Spiritual Direction!

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    In this book, which is acclaimed as a Salesian classic, Fr. Eugenio Ceria sdb, studies the spiritual life of Don Bosco. With great expertise animated by filial love, Fr. Ceria unravels the various strands that made up the interior life of Don Bosco. This is an indispensable tool for anyone who wants to understand the spirituality of Don Bosco.

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    These Notes for a 'Spiritual History' of Father John Bosco are not meant to be a biography of the saint of Piedmont. They present, rather, in a vivid and personal way, the spiritual experience of Don Bosco, highlighting elements that reveal to us, indirectly, the development and chief element of his spiritual history, the main stages in a journey inspired by an ideal embraced with deep conviction, and the inspirations at the basis of some of his concrete choices.

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    Youth Ministry - The Jesus Way points the way to building up a dream parish, as Jesus would, with its accent on the Ministry to the Young. The accent on the young will undoubtedly help reshape, reform and revitalize the parish and make it serve the long-term interests of Christian Ministry. This is so as ultimately it is the young who will hold the reins and the Church will take the direction determined by them.

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    In this book, Dr. Panakezham sdb, brings his vast experience and critical acumen to reflect on various aspects that characterized the life of Don Bosco. The topics dealt with are as diverse as Don Bosco’s school and Salesian Spirituality.