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    If we do not relate, we perish. This Festschrift in honour of Fr. Dominic Veliath pools together well researched articles that study relationship from various perspectives such as philosophy, theology, ecclesiology, catechetics, liturgy, Sacred Scripture, anthropology and other religions. The result is a rich, nuanced and well-articulated mine of reflections on a topic that is of great importance for our lives. For we realize that to exist is to be connected, to be related. We are in the image of God, who is relationship.

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    Consecrated Life is one of God’s gifts to the world. In this book, Fr Pascual Chávez Villanueva, the former Rector Major of the Salesians of Don Bosco, tries to spell out the various dimensions of religious life and points out how and why it is still very relevant today.

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    This is another volume in great demand! The Adoration Services contained in this book will help us to sit reverently at the feet of the Master. They are Yours! You can make use of them anyway you want to, to have a prayer-experience at the personal and community levels. These Adoration Services are prepared for having prayer-experiences in different contexts and settings such as religious communities, parishes, youth groups, formation houses, convents, students and seminaries for various occasions and situations.

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    An authentic experience of prayer is certainly the goal of these Prayer Services. These prayer services, (with hymns or bhajans, as well as symbolic representations), have been prepared for having prayer-experiences in different contexts and settings such as religious communities, parishes, youth groups, formation houses, convents, students and seminaries for various occasions. A much sought-after book indeed!

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    As youth go through numerous paradigms in the history, their catechesis too goes through a variety of paradigms today. To catechise these digital natives, the adult educators who are mostly digital emigrants need to understand the various shifts in the youth catechesis. The scholarly papers explore the youth catechesis today from various perspectives such as youth ministry, catechism, charismatic movement, small youth groups, youth movements and youth liturgy. An ideal book for every youth animator and vocation promoter.

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    This book has been compiled for the beginners who intend to complete a full course of Philosophical studies. This book is a General Introduction to logic, dealing with formal or deductive logic. Logic, being the grammar of philosophy and thought, prepares the young minds to wonder and think validly. This book is intended to enable the beginners to detect the intellectual operations that are valid and invalid. It teaches the norms of reduction, judgment and various syllogisms.

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    This book, Basking in Faith, by JOSEPH Teresa FMA, is a good guidebook that can help us both to reflect and to pray. Using an attractive style, anchored in the Word of God and drawing on real life-experiences the author takes us on a journey of faith that is enlightening and rewarding. Basking in Faith can serve as a good companion to reflect on the depth of our commitment to Church and God as we engage in this task.

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    The process of “Initiating the Young in Christian Competences, as the Manifestation of the Gospel Lifestyle, through Faith-focused Developmental Mentoring”, which, generally speaking, is the thematic area covered by this book. It serves as a tool to evoke an “experience of authentic Christian freedom”, whereby the young generation is empowered to deal critically and creatively with their concrete reality by seeking Christian meaning, identity and belongingness to a Community-of-Disciples while promoting regnocentric values.

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    This volume is a great contribution from the point of view of contemporary philosophy and theology. This book is very important in the context of Inculturation, Inter-religious Dialogue and Unity among all Religions.

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    Salesian Administration Todayis a precious tool that brings together most of what is essential for the correct understanding and practice of administration in our houses. It is important that this manual be known and understood not just by the local economers, but also by every confrere and the laity who collaborate with us in administration. Clarity in these matters will go a long way in creating coherence, communion and understanding among the confreres ... "

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    This is an excellent handbook for the formation of religious and priests prepared by experts who have established themselves in the areas of psychology, counselling, formation and spiritual direction. It deals with all the aspects of sexuality and celibacy important for the holistic growth of a formee. Filled with information, insights and practical guidelines this book has been widely acclaimed by all.