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    Studies on the History of the Church in India is a volume which is brought out to honour Dr. Joseph Thekkedath S.D.B., a talented Professor who taught Church History for more than 50 years at various seminaries in India. The well-researched articles in this work focus on the general theme of the history of the Church in India. In different ways, they throw light on the factors that led and influenced the growth of Christianity in the Indian sub-continent from a historical perspective.

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    While the Christian faith is being challenged from many directions, the search for reality and hunger for truth continue to grow. Do you want to know the meaning of life? Do you want to understand who God is? Just as the young baby needs natural food, the person born spiritually needs the right kind of spiritual food. Capsules for Christian Living is designed exactly for you to have that nourishing food.

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    An authoritative and exhaustive publication that deals with fundamental truths regarding Marriage and Family based on the teachings of the Catholic Church. The author rightly emphasizes the very basic and profound skills of family life, reinforcing salient features of family life. Therefore, this book is an apt material for those who give training in marriage and family life and more especially to the youth who take up family life.

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    Powerful and Easy-to-use Sessions and Retreats for Catholic College Students! It is not easy being a youth today! They are faced with choices, pressures, opportunities and decisions that stare them in the face every day. This book is for you! It is a complete resource book containing 14 Sessions and 7 Retreats suitable for Degree students. They can be truly life-changing! An effective resource material for youth animators.

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    The end of all our searching is to come back to the place from where we started and rediscover it for the first time. These well-known lines of the poet and mystic T.S. Eliot best summarize the contents of this book. In the post-modern world, people feel more drawn to genuine spirituality. Here is a workbook about a simple method of contemplative prayer; not another book to be just browsed through at one sitting, but a practical guide to rediscover a simple, ancient, efficacious method of contemplative prayer.