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    Volume 7, the last in this series, surveys Don Bosco's life and activity in his last decade of his life. Chapters 1-3 deal with the society's internal organization and the regulations. Chapters 4-6 speak of the Salesian religious spirit of the confreres. Chapters 7 and 8 tell the story of Don Bosco's progressive physical decline over the years 1884-1887. Chapter 9 describes the difficult and protracted itinerary of the processes of Don Bosco's beatification and canonization.

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    Invitation to Wholeness: A Journey with Martin Heidegger invites everyone towards a life of wholeness or an authentic way of living according to Martin Heidegger, known as the philosopher of the century. He invites and challenges everyone to tread the path of one’s own possibilities. In other words, this work is an effort to understand the concept of authenticity in Heidegger. According to Him, there is a process involved in becoming an authentic person.

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    The volume Passione Apostolica - “Da mihi animas,” which the Salesian Biblical Association is offering, contains a series of reflections with a biblical background on the central theme of the 26th General Chapter. In the Chapter, it was our desire to “rediscover the origin of our charism, the aim of our mission and the future of our Congregation”. In our apostolic life, we have been immersed into untiring activity. Like the first Apostles in Jerusalem, we are challenged to respond to social and pastoral problems that emerge from the world of youth and simple folk.

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    In Christianity, different views exist regarding meditation. The author undertakes and investigative enquiry into the study of the term 'meditation' and the method of meditation as taught by John Main (Ireland) for whom meditation is not the point-by-point reflection using discursive methods, but an imageless prayer using the simple repetition of the mantra, a sacred word with one-pointedness on God. The study is unique for its comparative approach to the way of meditation found in the Hindu and the Christian traditions.

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    This book is actually a revised edition of Opening the Bible, which was much appreciated, that it underwent several editions in English, and was translated into Italian, Spanish and French in Europe, and Malayalam in India. It is a unique Introduction to Scripture to be used in major Seminaries and it can also be used as a hand book for deepening the personal knowledge of Scripture by priests, religious and educated laity.

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    God-experience is the deepest need and the ultimate goal of every human life. It is unfortunate that in their life-long search for means to deepen God- experience, many people ignore traditional methods of prayer. One of the most universal and traditional, official and well-known, methods of prayer is the praying of the psalms. This book leads you to really pray the psalms, rather than merely recite them.

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    This book provides a simplified thematic explanation of the documents that were released during the pontificate of Benedict XVI. The book contains animation guidelines for the communities with exercises and points for group discussion and reflection. It provides a profile of the Curia and the two great assemblies in the Church, namely, Ecumenical Councils and Synods of Bishops. This book contains a CD with PowerPoint Presentation on all the documents presented in the book with related video clippings and music.

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    Memoirs of the Oratory of Saint Francis De Sales: From 1815 to 1855 is the autobiography of St. John Bosco. The book contains the original text of Don Bosco's Memoirs of the Oratory along with a few short notes where they seemed necessary. The original notes and comments as found in the New Rochelle edition have been abridged for the Indian edition by Fr. John Lens SDB with permission from Don Bosco Publications, New Rochelle. This book will prove especially helpful to return to Don Bosco and to start afresh from Don Bosco.

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    The main part of this volume 6 (Chs. 1-5) of the series, Don Bosco: History and Spirit, continues the survey of the Society's Institutional Expansion begun in the preceding chapter in its twofold aspect, external and internal. Chapters 1-4 describe the implantation of the Salesian missionary apostolate in South America. Chapter 5 describes a further internal institutional expansion, the "founding" of the Salesian Cooperators and connected structures, namely, the Work of Mary Help of Christians and the Salesian Bulletin.

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    The fifth volume in the series, Don Bosco: History and Spirit, is chiefly devoted to a description of the institutional expansion of the Salesian work. The first two chapters describe Don Bosco's historic decision to undertake the school apostolate in a major way as part of the Church's effort to counteract the process of secularization in, the liberal revolution in its program aimed at a general secularization of society and the gradual elimination of the Church's influence. Chapters 3-6 looks at the internal development of the institution.

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    The fourth volume of the series Don Bosco: History and Spirit, focuses on the early Salesian Constitutions as presented by Don Bosco for approval (1860-1974) - in the times of the Turin Archbishops. In introductory Chapters 1 and 2, the process of approval is set in the context of the historic events of the unification of Italy by the taking of Rome and the dispossession of the pope, at the time of the first Vatican Council and of the Franco-Prussian war.