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    This document is the fruit of collaboration between the Formation and Youth Ministry departments of our Congregation. Spiritual accompaniment, as is becoming more and more clear to us, is central to both youth ministry and formation. At the request of the Rector Major and his Council, the two departments embarked on a fruitful collaboration that involved an extensive exercise of listening to young Salesians and to their spiritual guides. This document is addressed, therefore, to all those who are involved in different ways in the processes of initial formation: spiritual guides, formation guides and confessors; Rectors of those in initial formation. At the core of the document is the invitation to formators and spiritual guides to be truly and genuinely Salesian.

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    In the recent years, in India we have witnessed an unprecedented transformation of the ethnic, linguistic and ritual composition of the local church, particularly in the urban areas. People belonging to various liturgical traditions, linguistic groups and ethnic backgrounds frequent the same parish community or live under its territorial jurisdiction. This extraordinary situation, largely resulting from an augmented migration flow, calls for a meaningful intervention on the part of the Church so as to make it a mutually enriching experience of faith for the migrants and for the non-migrant members of the receiving community. This research is an attempt to assess the quality of relationships and interconnectedness that exist in the context of migration, particularly among the youth within the ecclesial communities in India and to propose the possibility of an intercultural ministry to the Catholic migrant youth in the pluralistic urban context of India by re-visioning the Catholic youth ministry in urban India utilizing the “Integrative Hospitality” way.

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    The author has made a study on James William Fowler who is the father and pioneer of the faith development theory and his name has become synonymous with theory of faith development. He has identified six stages of faith-growth extending well to the life span of the human person from infancy to adulthood. This study makes a thorough research into Fowler’s concept of faith and its development, through a careful analysis of the basic sources of the theory, from the theological sources of Richard H. Niebuhr and Paul Tillich and from the psychological sources of the theories of Erik Erikson, Daniel Levinson, and the cognitive structural developmental theories of Jean Piaget and Lawrence Kohlberg and from the sources from comparative religion from the theory of Wilfred Cantwell Smith. The author also presents the developmental stage theory of religious judgment of Friz Oser and applies the contributions of the theory of faith development to faith education.

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    A lucid presentation of the catechetical approach of Thomas H. Groome. The author has been able to steer his way successfully through the labyrinth of philosophical, theological, epistemological sources and works on which Dr. Groome depends.

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    This volume comes to you with foundational issues on environment and guidelines on the documents that refer to the environmental issues. The book is divided into three parts, namely, the Warming World, the Green World, and Nurturing Nature. These proposals are seen from an educative, formative and transformative perspective. This book is an Environmental Catechesis for the people of God.

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    This book provides a new thrust towards identity, role and formation of a catechist. The book reflects on the identity and role of bishops, priests, religious and laity as catechists today. The articles in this book explore these dimensions of catechist along with historical models, religious models, pedagogical models, oriental models and challenges of being catechists today. The book is a prompt response to the call of the recent Apostolic Exhortation, EvangeliiGaudium.

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    It is the Hindi Version of Grow Free and Live Free. An in-depth analysis of the actual situation in which the young find themselves at the international, national, religious, political, economic and social levels. Addressed to the young, it suggests values to live by. An excellent resource book for value education.

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    An in-depth analysis of the actual situation in which the young find themselves at the international, national, religious, political, economic and social levels. Addressed to the young, it suggests values to live by. An excellent resource book for value education.

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    An in-depth analysis of the actual situation in which the young find themselves at the international, national, religious, political, economic and social levels. Addressed to the young, it suggests values to live by. An excellent resource book for Value Education.

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    The Christian community is the origin, locus and goal of catechesis. Proclamation of the Gospel always begins with the Christian community. It is the same community that welcomes those who wish to know the Lord better and permeate themselves with a new life. The Christian community accompanies catechumens and those being catechized. This book contains scholarly articles on Community Catechesis that can be a useful tool for all those who are engaged in Catechesis and Faith Formation.

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    This book contains articles by the Indian Catechetical Association and Kristu Jyoti College reflecting on the identity of the Christian Family and ministry towards Family, articulated in the theme: Family: Mystery and Ministry. The concept of Mystery is an expression of St. Paul in expressing the identity of the Family (Eph, 5:32). We look at the complex Mystery of the Family from biblical, sociological and cultural perspectives. We then turn our gaze to the Ministry from two perspectives, namely, Ministry within and Ministry towards Family.

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    As youth go through numerous paradigms in the history, their catechesis too goes through a variety of paradigms today. To catechise these digital natives, the adult educators who are mostly digital emigrants need to understand the various shifts in the youth catechesis. The scholarly papers explore the youth catechesis today from various perspectives such as youth ministry, catechism, charismatic movement, small youth groups, youth movements and youth liturgy. An ideal book for every youth animator and vocation promoter.

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    This book contains articles of the Indian Catechetical Association reflected on the role of Social Catechesis articulated in the theme: Catechetical Approach to Social Issues. The Social Issues discussed during the National Seminar included: Migrants' Issues, Gender Issues, Inter- religious Dimensions, the Context of the differently-abled, Social Media, Environment and the Dignity of Human Life. This book gives us an exhortation to build, not merely a house, but a happy, healthy and a holy home by walking together.

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    This book contains a number of articles on the two-fold dimension of the Catechesis outlined in the General Directory for Catechesis, namely, Liturgical Education and Teaching to Pray. However, there is yet another dimension to the relationship between Catechesis and Liturgy: there is a Catechesis that happens and needs to happen during the Liturgy. The articles in this book study and reflect on the relevance of this theme.

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    This manual has been developed as a guideline for parents, psychologists, teachers, trainers, as well as anyone who is willing to help teens manage their anger. It contains 12 sessions presented in a simplified way for easy understanding and they have been prepared applying basic Cognitive Behavioural Therapy procedures and techniques that the authors have found to be most workable based on a rigorous review of literature.

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    This book offers the fundamentals for a comprehensive vision in youth ministry. The principles and guidelines enunciated therein could prove a boon to youth workers in general and to Catholic youth workers in particular.

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    This invaluable volume proposes a paradigm shift in Youth Ministry i.e., a shift of emphasis from all forms of power-over the young to move towards power-with the young through a participatory process that is proactive and coactive wherein both the young and the youth ministers advance towards the fullness-of-life-for-all.

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    An authoritative and exhaustive publication that deals with fundamental truths regarding Marriage and Family based on the teachings of the Catholic Church. The author rightly emphasizes the very basic and profound skills of family life, reinforcing salient features of family life. Therefore, this book is an apt material for those who give training in marriage and family life and more especially to the youth who take up family life.

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    Powerful and Easy-to-use Sessions and Retreats for Catholic College Students! It is not easy being a youth today! They are faced with choices, pressures, opportunities and decisions that stare them in the face every day. This book is for you! It is a complete resource book containing 14 Sessions and 7 Retreats suitable for Degree students. They can be truly life-changing! An effective resource material for youth animators.

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    The process of “Initiating the Young in Christian Competences, as the Manifestation of the Gospel Lifestyle, through Faith-focused Developmental Mentoring”, which, generally speaking, is the thematic area covered by this book. It serves as a tool to evoke an “experience of authentic Christian freedom”, whereby the young generation is empowered to deal critically and creatively with their concrete reality by seeking Christian meaning, identity and belongingness to a Community-of-Disciples while promoting regnocentric values.

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    This book provides a simplified thematic explanation of the documents that were released during the pontificate of Benedict XVI. The book contains animation guidelines for the communities with exercises and points for group discussion and reflection. It provides a profile of the Curia and the two great assemblies in the Church, namely, Ecumenical Councils and Synods of Bishops. This book contains a CD with PowerPoint Presentation on all the documents presented in the book with related video clippings and music.

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    This book is capable of effecting a genuine transformation in the catechetical education of adults. The book comprises ten chapters and is articulated around three nuclei: “Becoming Adults”, “The Catechetical Education of Adults”, and “Animation as a Paradigm for the Catechetical Education of Adults”.

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    Youth India is an expression of the editors’ genuine passion for and commitment to both youth and India. Prepared in view of the Diamond Jubilee of Indian Independence, Youth India brings to mind Young India, the weekly founded by Mahatma Gandhi to inspire the nation with the lofty ideals of non-violence and peace. Youth India is an inspirational work and could well inspire the youth of today to shape the future with courage and imagination and thus to realise the dreams of our forefathers.

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    This book is a compilation of the contributions of experts in Pastoral Catechetics and it aims at giving deeper insights into the concept of catechesis in the Church’s mission of evangelization, as well as in providing a better understanding of the pedagogy of the faith and general principles for adaptation to those to be catechized. A definite help in making the catechetical enterprise more effective and fruitful in the Indian Context.

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    The book enumerates the historical and documentary evolution of the lay catechist in the Church. It also provides a theoretical framework on the identity and role of the lay catechists. The formation programme of the nine Catechists’ Training Centres in India are also analyzed and evaluated with the catechists, trainees and the animators as samples.

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    This handy volume, serves both as a tool towards a better understanding of the catechetical enterprise and, furthermore, helps those concerned with this integral and important consequence of Christian discipleship, to find meaning and relevance for their life and ministry.

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    Youth Ministry - The Jesus Way points the way to building up a dream parish, as Jesus would, with its accent on the Ministry to the Young. The accent on the young will undoubtedly help reshape, reform and revitalize the parish and make it serve the long-term interests of Christian Ministry. This is so as ultimately it is the young who will hold the reins and the Church will take the direction determined by them.

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    Addressing himself to the pervasive and persuasive power of the Mass Media, the author indicates the ways in which it can be made to serve as a tool for God’s Kingdom and as a means of Human Integration.

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    It is a comprehensive study made on popular devotion and their catechetical implications. The author indicates the manner of deepening and maturing in one’s faith through popular devotions.

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    This book provides invaluable resources for all engaged in education and in/enculturation. In Part One, the book looks into the theoretical framework linking inculturation and Catholic education. Part Two presents the findings of a survey with regard to the inculturizing attitude of Catholic students and teachers and the factors influencing it. Part Three examines the nurturing potential of the present school curriculum. On the basis of the survey, in Part Four, an Action Plan for nurturing inculturation in Catholic schools is chalked out.

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    This empirical research explores the focus, relevance and quality of the Faith Education imparted by the catholic schools in India, with special reference to Tamil Nadu from a theological, pastoral and educational perspective, empirically verifies the principles involved, measures the outcomes of the faith education process and lays open areas for quality improvement in realizing the challenging goals of catholic education in India.

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    The author has combined his vast experience in Youth Ministry with a thorough study of other authors. The presentation with sketches and drawings makes the book very readable and attractive. This book is a virtual boon to those dealing with groups, especially youth groups.

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    This book on youth animation is specially designed to provide wholesome and value-based education in an informal setting. It is a virtual treasure house of several value games, good morning talks and entertainment programmes. A useful guide to youth animators, scout masters, teachers, and catechists.

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    Presents a valuable research study on the situation of Child Labour in Karnataka. Focuses on the living conditions and working ambience of child labourers and on what forced them to lose their childhood. Provokes debate on the future of the children in the country and the direction the country is taking.

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    This volume contains outstanding reflections and comments on the Catechism of the Catholic Church. The various articles in this volume can serve as a useful introduction to the particular theme dealt with by the Catechism. They make it easy for the reader to enter into the content of each section with a perspective that is both enlightening and thought provoking.

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    Presents an appraisal of the catechetical proposal of D. S. Amalorpavadass and gives an exhaustive presentation of Catechesis for India today. It is based on updated catechetical trends and serves as a manual for training catechism teachers and for the catechetical formation of seminarians and religious.