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    This book in honour of Fr. Zacharias Mattam SDB is a collection of Essays on discipleship in Christ, who dares to follow Christ and walk in the New way. The central theme is a call to discipleship.

    Special Price ₹60

    The author addresses one of the central problems facing Christian theology today, viz.: how to understand and affirm the uniqueness and universality of Jesus Christ, upholding at the same time, the value and significance of the other religions and Saviour figures? A relevant book in the context of religious pluralism as evidenced in India.

    Special Price ₹220

    This little volume signals and constitutes a wake-up call to all disciples of Jesus Christ to become conscious of the fact that "Evangelizing is in fact the grace and vocation proper to the Church and constitutes her deepest identity. She exists in order to evangelize" (EN 2).

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    A Silver Jubilee Souvenir - A Kristu Jyoti College-experience of the groundbreaking involvement of the students of theology in the social realities that surrounded them. An experience at the deepest religious level - a social involvement that traced a theological journey.

    Special Price ₹125

    The post-Vatican era has been hailed as an era of renewal in theology. Renewal in any science necessitates a critical examination of the foundations. An eminently useful acquisition for all libraries, theological and philosophical institutions, theologians, philosophers, pastors, students and all those who are interested in hermeneutics and fundamental theology.

    Special Price ₹60

    A serious study of Pope Paul VI’s reflections on the Laity as contained in the sixteen volumes of his teachings throughout the fifteen years of his pontificate. It has a vast documentation from original sources and is the only work of its kind yet to be published.

    Special Price ₹195

    If we do not relate, we perish. This Festschrift in honour of Fr. Dominic Veliath pools together well researched articles that study relationship from various perspectives such as philosophy, theology, ecclesiology, catechetics, liturgy, Sacred Scripture, anthropology and other religions. The result is a rich, nuanced and well-articulated mine of reflections on a topic that is of great importance for our lives. For we realize that to exist is to be connected, to be related. We are in the image of God, who is relationship.

    Special Price ₹220

    The Liturgical Renewal in India was set in motion after the Second Vatican Council (1962-65). This renewal movement in India, spearheaded by prominent personalities like Fr. Paul Puthanangady and others did give a new impetus to the pilgrim journey of the Church in India. This Festschrift entitled: Priest, Prophet and Shepherd would undoubtedly inspire all those who are engaged in the ministry of Liturgical Renewal.

    Special Price ₹300

    This book will contribute towards the articulation of a liturgical rite that reflects, not only the theology of the sacrament, but also one that celebrates the reconciliation already experienced as well as leading to deeper reconciliation - a rite that links the lex credendi, lex orandi, and lex vivendi.

    Special Price ₹1200

    This volume is a great contribution from the point of view of contemporary philosophy and theology. This book is very important in the context of Inculturation, Inter-religious Dialogue and Unity among all Religions.

    Special Price ₹250

    Laudato Si’ is the longest of all papal encyclicals. The present volume is a modest attempt to gather together in a more accessible package the main themes of the ground-breaking encyclical of Pope Francis. This is done in terms of the “ten green commandments” for the care of our common home. These green commandments themselves follow the main outline of the six chapters of the encyclical and are arranged according to the scheme of the See-Judge-Act methodology increasingly used in social sciences.

    Special Price ₹500

    In this book, the author contends that the Synoptics, and especially St. Luke, present women eyewitnesses to the Christian Kerygma and leads the reader to recognize them as eyewitnesses to the life, passion, death and resurrection of Jesus. They are a bridge between the story of Jesus and the story of the Church. They are part of the community that received the Spirit entitling them to prophesy and proclaim the Christian Kerygma. A work of scholarship in biblical Theology!

    Special Price ₹400

    The study establishes that a society may be considered to have reached the zenith of its glory only to the extent to which protective legislations are enacted which safeguard the rights of the widows, orphans and the poor. Through an insightful blend of sound biblical scholarship and theological nuancing, the author confronts the challenges posed by social marginalization in Post-exilic Israel and the wonderful paradigm set by YHWH for the exercise of social justice – GOD Himself!”

    Special Price ₹500

    This book is a valuable contribution to theology throughout the Catholic world because of its integration of exegesis and ecclesiology and also because of its systematic presentation of the ecclesiological thought of the great Catholic exegete Raymond Brown. It is also an appraisal of the local churches in the New Testament as understood by Brown. It is an invaluable study carried out in ecclesiology on an in-depth level. It brings light and guidance to how we understand the Church today.

    Special Price ₹300

    This Festschrift honours Fr. Panakezham Thomas SDB on the Diamond Jubilee of his Religious Profession and the Golden Jubilee of his Ordination to the Priesthood. The well-researched articles in this volume deal with relevant themes connected with the Blessed Virgin Mary from the viewpoint of Scripture, Tradition, Theology and the day-to-day living out of Marian spirituality.

    Special Price ₹60

    The Vatican Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments published the fifth edition of General Instruction of the Roman Missal in 2002. This booklet highlights a specific part of the General Instruction that deals with the Order of the Mass. This can be of help to instruct priests, the ministers who serve at the altar and the faithful to take part in the celebration of the Eucharist in an orderly and devout manner.

    Special Price ₹150

    This book is a must-read in the area of liturgy. It deals with the General Instruction of the Roman Missal, General Introduction of the Lectionary, General Instruction of the Liturgy of the Hours, and General Norms for the Liturgical year and Calendar. This book has proved to be a very useful handbook for every Christian and particularly for every religious and priest. It is indeed a necessary handbook for the students of theology.

    Special Price ₹75

    Reflections on the Priesthood is meant for priests in active ministry and for seminarians who are on the road to that gratuitous goal. It can be used for prayerful meditations and for spiritual reading. This book will make the reader understand the incomprehensible mystery of love and predilection the Lord has for his priests and would-be priests.

    Special Price ₹450

    This scholarly work deals with a very important yet often controversy-provoking question: freedom of intellectual enquiry and freedom of expression in the Catholic Church. The author deals with the issue from a canonico-theological perspective, keeping in mind the Church’s mission of being the custodian of faith on the one hand and of fulfilling that mission with the love and pastoral charity.

    Special Price ₹68

    Sukhi Rajya is presumably the first B.Th. thesis ever written in Kannada. The role of Catholic Priests and Veerashaiva Jangama in establishing a welfare society is the theme that runs through the pages of this book. The creative suggestions in this work indicate how well, in the multi-religious context of India, Catholic and Veerashaiva priests can work together to make this world a better place.

    Special Price ₹300

    A well-researched empirical dissertation on a significant and relevant subject, where the different levels of religion, sociology and empirical findings lead to conclusions that are both focalized and relevant. A significant work, which needs to be read and discussed to make the role of the Catholic priest better understood and his ministry more vibrant.

    Special Price ₹130

    Towards a Deeper Understanding of Vatican II and Post-Conciliar Documents is a synoptic and scholarly presentation of the documents of the Second Vatican Council with the aim of making these documents better known among the faithful. It deals with the history of each document, gives its outline, its significance and post-conciliar developments relative to the same. This book should prove to be of special assistance to priests, religious, seminarians and lay animators of Christian communities.

    Special Price ₹68

    It is a translation of an Italian book prepared by the Historico - Theological Commission of the Great Jubilee of the Year 2000. This book delves deep into the mystery of the Holy Spirit, the third person of the Trinity

    Special Price ₹590

    A Handbook on the Latin and Oriental Codes of Canon law. This rich documentation, integrating all that is best in the insights of contemporary theologians, make the Pastoral Guide a sourcebook for ready reference. Fidelity to tradition and ecclesiastical teaching make for a ‘safe’ and dependable text.

    Special Price ₹480

    Sacraments and Bioethics. This rich documentation, integrating all that is best in the insights of contemporary theologians, make the Pastoral Guide a sourcebook for ready reference. Fidelity to tradition and ecclesiastical teaching make for a ‘safe’ and dependable text.

    Special Price ₹480

    Fundamental Moral Theology and Virtues. This rich documentation, integrating all that is best in the insights of contemporary theologians, make the Pastoral Guide a sourcebook for ready reference. Fidelity to tradition and ecclesiastical teaching make for a ‘safe’ and dependable text.

    Special Price ₹235

    This thorough research is on the development of the practice and theology of inter-religious dialogue within the Christian Churches (Roman Catholic & Protestant) in India in the period after the Second Vatican Council. A wonderful resource book for all those engaged in inter-religious dialogue. The book ends with an extensive bibliography, which presents an inventory of the literature available in India on inter-religious dialogue and related issues during the period after the Second Vatican Council.

    Special Price ₹100

    A study of a topic that is at one and the same time fascinating and replete with obstacles - a theme of great actuality in the context of the Second Vatican Council and also the theological context of the encounter of Christianity with other religions ... scientific and scholarly - a must for all serious-minded students of theology.

    Special Price ₹125

    This volume is one of the first resource books on value education in social justice in India. Extensively illustrated with relevant statistics and indicating discussion points and guidelines for teachers and social workers.