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    Fr. James Mathew Kadankavil, a Salesian of Don Bosco, has a Licentiate in Sacred Scripture from the Pontifical Biblical Institute (Rome, 1998) and a doctorate in Biblical Theology from St. Thomas Aquinas University (Rome, 2006). He has been a part of Kristu Jyoti College Staff since 1998. Currently, he serves as the Rector of Kristu Jyoti College, Bengaluru. Contact ID:

    Special Price ₹400

    The in-depth study of The Healing of a Boy with an Unclean Spirit (Mk 9:14-29) by Dr. James Kadankavil offers fresh and new insights into Sacred Scripture. His thorough knowledge of Greek has enabled him to effectively expound the Markan narrative. A choice bibliography and extensive footnotes further enriches this work of excellence. This volume contains invaluable information on miracles and exorcisms to which Jesus dedicated much of his public ministry. By comparing this story with the parallel narratives in Matthew and Luke, the author highlights the Markan distinctiveness of exorcism. The readers are given also a panoramic view of the entire Gospel of Mark. After depicting the bewildering and paradoxical attitude of the crowds – often enthusiastic towards Jesus’ proclamation but also hostile at times – Kadankavil brings into relief the non-negotiable elements of true Christian discipleship. This relevant and groundbreaking contribution to understanding exorcism and discipleship is highly recommended for scholars and amateurs alike.

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    The Letters of St. Paul is a capsule to carry us back to the early Christianity and to make us take a look at her unsullied face. It is a basic text explaining some aspects of the agony and ecstasy of Paul, the evangelizer and letter-writer. This book is a profitable guide to seminarians for a useful study of the Pauline Corpus; an offering to the religious, the enlightened laity and the present-day Bible study groups; and a relevant and attractive material for the clergy.

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    Know the Bible is a Scriptural bonanza that offers a holistic yet concise presentation of each of the seventy-three books of the Bible to enrich the reader with the cutting-edge know-how to interpret the Bible critically as per Catholic tradition. Know the Bible is a sizzling invitation to enter upon a millennial journey ‘from Genesis to Apocalypse,” to traverse ancient epochs in the company of Biblical characters and to relive the nodal points of Jewish and Christian salvation history.

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    As the fruit of an inordinately long and labyrinthine textual history that spans many centuries and reflects divergent cultures, the sacred corpus of the Bible legitimately demands sound and cogent answers to the plethora of queries from critical and perceptive readers. “Speak, Lord!” is a humble response to meet this felt need, an attempt to delve into the intricate divine-human text, to provide the necessary up-to-date information towards greater Bible know-how and life-in-the-Spirit-empowerment.

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    Here is an original commentary on the Gospel according to St. Mark, blending scholarly expertise with genuine pastoral concern. It is an exegetical, kerygmatic, theological and spiritual commentary on the Gospel according to St. Mark, based on the modern authors, as well as the insights of the Fathers of the Church. It will benefit not only the students of theology but will also be of immense help to all Christians thirsting for God’s Word.

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    This book is actually a revised edition of Opening the Bible, which was much appreciated, that it underwent several editions in English, and was translated into Italian, Spanish and French in Europe, and Malayalam in India. It is a unique Introduction to Scripture to be used in major Seminaries and it can also be used as a hand book for deepening the personal knowledge of Scripture by priests, religious and educated laity.

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    A book consisting of twenty-two Biblical articles, composed by the members of ABS (The Salesian Biblical Association). This work illustrates that the Word of God makes of every community a home and a school; the light that illumines and guides our choices; and the flowing spring from which we draw our inspiration and strength.

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    Dwelling as it does on the question of breaking down national, religious, cultural and social barriers Col 3:11, refers to the socio-anthropological dimension of the “new self” and a new community and as such should find a special resonance in the Indian situation which is so riddled with caste, social, linguistic and rite-based divisions.

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    A book that combines information and guidance, knowledge and insight, scholarship and prayer. Rare indeed are the introductions - if there be any - that go all the way from textual criticism to contemplation. A popular and ideal resource book for priests, seminarians and lay people