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    In this volume the author exposes briefly the most important movements of the History of Contemporary Western Philosophy and the main representatives in each of these movements: The First Opponents to Transcendental Idealism, Reaction and Transformation of Transcendental Idealism (Arthur Schopenhauer, Friedrich Nietzsche, Soren Kierkegaard), The Left Hegelians (David Strauss, Bruno Bauer, Max Stirner, Ludwig Feuerbach, Karl Marx), Phenomenology (Edmund Husserl, Max Scheler), From Phenomenology to Existentialism (Martin Heidegger), Existentialism (Gabriel Marcel, Jean-Paul Sartre, Karl Jaspers), Personalism(Emmanuel Mounier),The Philosophy of Language (Ludwig ittgenstein, Bertrand Russell), Pragmatism (Charles Peirce, William James), Structuralism (Ferdinand Saussure, Claude Lévi-Strauss, Jacques Lacan, Louis Pierre Althusser).

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    “What is Death?” This is the pressing question we all want to answer, because we all have been struck by the experience of death and are forced to direct our gaze towards the whole of reality. Coming from different nations and universities, the authors joined the Research Project “The Organism in an Interdisciplinary Context” within the STOQ Project (Science, Theology and the Ontological Quest). Regina Apostolorum Pontifical University in Rome has led this project since the year 2005 with the aim of studying organismic life and advancing a dialogue between natural sciences, human sciences, philosophy and theology.

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    The book is designed to bring together under one cover a wide variety of philosophers belonging to the Western world. It is specially devised to be used as a simple reference guide for the students of Philosophy. Besides more than 90 philosophers, the book contains about 150 key frequently used philosophical terms and concepts; over 250 French, German, Greek and Latin words commonly used in Philosophy with their meaning in English; about 100 philosophical questions for reflection along with some recent philosophical trends.

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    Invitation to Wholeness: A Journey with Martin Heidegger invites everyone towards a life of wholeness or an authentic way of living according to Martin Heidegger, known as the philosopher of the century. He invites and challenges everyone to tread the path of one’s own possibilities. In other words, this work is an effort to understand the concept of authenticity in Heidegger. According to Him, there is a process involved in becoming an authentic person.

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    This book is an answer to the many demands laid down in the decree on the reform of ecclesiastical studies of Philosophy of the Congregation for Catholic Education. It is a manual on Philosophical Anthropology, an introduction meant especially for students and professors of ecclesiastical centres/institutes/colleges of philosophy.

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    We live in an ever-changing technological world. But in this technological era, human thinking too has become technological: seeing everything as a resource to be exploited. In this scenario, Heidegger proposes a shift in thinking – from calculative to meditative thinking which would enable us to affirm technology without them affecting our inner core whereby we could be shepherds of the world and dwell poetically in it.

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    This book has been compiled for the beginners who intend to complete a full course of Philosophical studies. This book is a General Introduction to logic, dealing with formal or deductive logic. Logic, being the grammar of philosophy and thought, prepares the young minds to wonder and think validly. This book is intended to enable the beginners to detect the intellectual operations that are valid and invalid. It teaches the norms of reduction, judgment and various syllogisms.

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    The sense of the Sacred permeates the human race from time immemorial. Human beings long for the reality of the Sacred and explore newer possibilities of applying the Sacred to other vistas of humanity, such as, society, culture, and more importantly, to an adequate and integral philosophical anthropology. This philosophical inquiry in to the contribution of Eliade can ignite valuable debate and raise important issues in the studies of religion today. An acknowledged resource book for institutes of philosophy, religion, theology and culture.

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    This book studies the relevance of the notion of commitment in Amartya Sen, the Indian economist and philosopher, in the context of the encyclical Caritas in Veritate (CV) by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI on integral human development. Sen’s notion of commitment is of particular relevance to the encyclical Caritas in Veritate. We are thus able to identify points of convergence between love and commitment by this comparative study. This volume is an immeasurably valuable contribution that searches after truth!

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    The mastery of a sound methodology of study and work is not only useful but also essential if the students are to profit from the efforts they put into study and research. The lack of a method makes study and research laborious and often unrewarding and frustrating. For the most part, the present manual of methodology follows the universally accepted "Turabian model" based on A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations (7th ed.), by Kate L. Turabian. Be consistent! This book can be of great assistance to students as well as research scholars.

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    The Common Good and Political Philosophy, as the very title indicates, tries to explain in a precise way what Political Philosophy is all about and should be. The original contribution that this work wants to make is to look at the theory and practice of politics and the structures and functioning of government as a service to the common good of all citizens on a national and international level.

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    The Christian Epistemology offered in this work draws upon the biblical sense of “heart” as the source of man’s conscious personality.