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    Studies on the History of the Church in India is a volume which is brought out to honour Dr. Joseph Thekkedath S.D.B., a talented Professor who taught Church History for more than 50 years at various seminaries in India. The well-researched articles in this work focus on the general theme of the history of the Church in India. In different ways, they throw light on the factors that led and influenced the growth of Christianity in the Indian sub-continent from a historical perspective.

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    According to the British historian Edward Hallett Carr, the task of the historian is neither to love the past for its own sake, nor to emancipate himself from the past, but to master and understand it as the key to the understanding of the present. In this process, the thoughts and actions of God and human beings blend, unite, at times appear at variance, cross each other, and even impede each other’s course; the final result being a wonderful mosaic, of which the most outstanding feature is the undying love of God for the human race.

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    This book is prepared primarily for the use of the students of Patrology in various institutes of Theology. The needs and preferences of the students of theology are kept in mind while writing this book. The book has eleven chapters and is arranged according to three periods: Beginning and Growth of Early Christian Literature; the Golden Age of the Fathers of the Church; and the Period of Decline.

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    Fr. Joseph Thekkedath’s work is an authoritative manual on the history of Christianity in India. A former president of the Indian Church History Association, a much-acclaimed professor and an author of several works on the history of the Church in India, Fr. Thekkedath presents a concise work which should prove helpful to scholars and students alike.

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    The Latin Christians of Kerala - a Study on their Origins, is the result of arduous research on a topic which has already been studied at some length. Still it helps to throw new light on the origin of the Latin Christians of Kerala, on the Synod of Diamper and on the insidious impact of the caste system on the evangelization activities of the Catholic Church. The fact that every assertion has been scientifically and impartially substantiated by the author sets it apart from some other opinionated works on the topic.

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    This book is a presentation of the rationale behind Roberto de Nobili’s attempts at reconciling the Gospel with the cultural milieu of India. In the face of stiff opposition both in India and Rome, he wrote an apology for his method. This was the beginning of the controversy which has come down in history as the Malabar Rites Controversy - a controversy which was to hamper missionary efforts in India for over 300 years. It must be considered a great contribution to the study of Christianity in India.

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    Besides giving a detailed account of the pastoral activities of Mgr. Clément Bonnand, Vicar Apostolic of Pondicherry, this well-researched and scholarly work deals with such relevant issues as the caste conflict in the Catholic Church, the Padroado - Propaganda contestations and the Apostolic Visit of the Indian Missions undertaken by Mgr. Bonnand at the behest of Propaganda Fide. It also provides interesting insights into the missionary saga of the nineteenth century India. An invaluable treatise!

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    A thoroughly researched work on the revival of the Catholic mis- sionary activities in the nineteenth century with adequate em- phasis on the socio-political situation of India and dealing with such relevant issues as the caste system, Catholic attitude to local practices, the padroado-propaganda contestations, the controversy regarding the promotion of native vocations as also the problems and contro- versies related to the first general division of the Indian Missions in 1845. A scholarly contribution to Church History!

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    Basing himself mainly on the original archival materials available in India and Europe, the author analyses the Synod’s politico-religious setting, studies the planning and build-up to the Synod, presents its decisions and the reaction to these decisions both in India and Europe. This Synod gave a boost to the recruitment and training of native priests in India.