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    A book that combines information and guidance, knowledge and insight, scholarship and prayer. Rare indeed are the introductions - if there be any - that go all the way from textual criticism to contemplation. A popular and ideal resource book for priests, seminarians and lay people

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    This book is actually a revised edition of Opening the Bible, which was much appreciated, that it underwent several editions in English, and was translated into Italian, Spanish and French in Europe, and Malayalam in India. It is a unique Introduction to Scripture to be used in major Seminaries and it can also be used as a hand book for deepening the personal knowledge of Scripture by priests, religious and educated laity.

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    Here is an original commentary on the Gospel according to St. Mark, blending scholarly expertise with genuine pastoral concern. It is an exegetical, kerygmatic, theological and spiritual commentary on the Gospel according to St. Mark, based on the modern authors, as well as the insights of the Fathers of the Church. It will benefit not only the students of theology but will also be of immense help to all Christians thirsting for God’s Word.

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    In the book “Be Holy for I am Holy” (The Seven Pillars of Holiness), the author has poured not only his erudite wisdom and biblical scholarship but also emptied his life in surrender to God through simplicity and humility, initiated in the Salesian Congregation and further grounded through his association with the Neo-Catechumenal Way of life. This book will enable the reader to shape and stabilize his life on the Holy Scripture journeying the way to holiness through reading and scrutinizing of the Bible.

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    “The book Be holy as I am holy in Marriage written by Dr. Zacharias Mattam is an authentic contribution in the field of theology of marriage. The book expresses the biblical, theological and pastoral dimensions of marriage and family life". (from the Foreword to the book by Rev. Mar Joseph Kallarangatt D.D., Bishop of Palai) "The author beautifully weaves in theological strains with biblical references the greatness and holiness of the Sacrament of marriage expressed in the celebration of the three altars by which every Christian couple is led to the heavenly abode of God Himself" (Most Rev. Peter Machado D.D., Archbishop of Bangalore).