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    A Silver Jubilee Souvenir - A Kristu Jyoti College-experience of the groundbreaking involvement of the students of theology in the social realities that surrounded them. An experience at the deepest religious level - a social involvement that traced a theological journey.

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    God-experience is the deepest need and the ultimate goal of every human life. It is unfortunate that in their life-long search for means to deepen God- experience, many people ignore traditional methods of prayer. One of the most universal and traditional, official and well-known, methods of prayer is the praying of the psalms. This book leads you to really pray the psalms, rather than merely recite them.

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    This volume of reflections on a few psalms is a sequel to another published a few years back, with the same title. God-experience is absolutely indispensable for human life and constitutes the most mysterious dimension of daily living. Really praying the psalms is indeed God-Experience Made Simple – GEMS. This is precisely why the Official Prayer of the Church, known as the Liturgy of the Hours, is focused on the psalms. Read it, be inspired!

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    The end of all our searching is to come back to the place from where we started and rediscover it for the first time. These well-known lines of the poet and mystic T.S. Eliot best summarize the contents of this book. In the post-modern world, people feel more drawn to genuine spirituality. Here is a workbook about a simple method of contemplative prayer; not another book to be just browsed through at one sitting, but a practical guide to rediscover a simple, ancient, efficacious method of contemplative prayer.

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    These reflections, woven out of pastoral experiences and prayerful meditation, will tug at your heart-strings, lead you to prayerfully reflect on your inner world and produce greater joy in your ministry as also more abundant fruitfulness.

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    This volume presents practical methods of prayer that can assist anyone to enter more deeply into the contemplative dimension of prayer. A continuously deepening experience of contemplation is the radical second conversion that everyone is called to undergo. Such an experience, like any other, is ineffable. Through systematically and regularly practising the exercises suggested in this volume, each one will be blessed with the grace of a second conversion in absolutely unique ways.

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    Justice as Spirituality is to inspire, motivate and sustain a commitment to promote justice in the world. This book is necessary for all, who, inspired by the Christian faith, want to create a just world based on Gospel principles.