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    This book is capable of effecting a genuine transformation in the catechetical education of adults. The book comprises ten chapters and is articulated around three nuclei: “Becoming Adults”, “The Catechetical Education of Adults”, and “Animation as a Paradigm for the Catechetical Education of Adults”.

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    This empirical research explores the focus, relevance and quality of the Faith Education imparted by the catholic schools in India, with special reference to Tamil Nadu from a theological, pastoral and educational perspective, empirically verifies the principles involved, measures the outcomes of the faith education process and lays open areas for quality improvement in realizing the challenging goals of catholic education in India.

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    This handy volume, serves both as a tool towards a better understanding of the catechetical enterprise and, furthermore, helps those concerned with this integral and important consequence of Christian discipleship, to find meaning and relevance for their life and ministry.

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    The process of “Initiating the Young in Christian Competences, as the Manifestation of the Gospel Lifestyle, through Faith-focused Developmental Mentoring”, which, generally speaking, is the thematic area covered by this book. It serves as a tool to evoke an “experience of authentic Christian freedom”, whereby the young generation is empowered to deal critically and creatively with their concrete reality by seeking Christian meaning, identity and belongingness to a Community-of-Disciples while promoting regnocentric values.

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    This little volume signals and constitutes a wake-up call to all disciples of Jesus Christ to become conscious of the fact that "Evangelizing is in fact the grace and vocation proper to the Church and constitutes her deepest identity. She exists in order to evangelize" (EN 2).

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    This invaluable volume proposes a paradigm shift in Youth Ministry i.e., a shift of emphasis from all forms of power-over the young to move towards power-with the young through a participatory process that is proactive and coactive wherein both the young and the youth ministers advance towards the fullness-of-life-for-all.