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    We have a Father in Heaven is a way of spending a week with the Father. It is in effect a catechesis on the prayer ‘Our Father’. Each invocation of the prayer is prepared in the form of a session with two parts. Part One contains a kind of personal reflection on the invocations of the prayer while Part Two is modelled on the anthropological approach aimed at helping to animate groups. An ideal book for prayer services, group discussions, youth animation, etc.

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    This book is a compilation of the contributions of experts in Pastoral Catechetics and it aims at giving deeper insights into the concept of catechesis in the Church’s mission of evangelization, as well as in providing a better understanding of the pedagogy of the faith and general principles for adaptation to those to be catechized. A definite help in making the catechetical enterprise more effective and fruitful in the Indian Context.

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    The book enumerates the historical and documentary evolution of the lay catechist in the Church. It also provides a theoretical framework on the identity and role of the lay catechists. The formation programme of the nine Catechists’ Training Centres in India are also analyzed and evaluated with the catechists, trainees and the animators as samples.

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    This book provides a simplified thematic explanation of the documents that were released during the pontificate of Benedict XVI. The book contains animation guidelines for the communities with exercises and points for group discussion and reflection. It provides a profile of the Curia and the two great assemblies in the Church, namely, Ecumenical Councils and Synods of Bishops. This book contains a CD with PowerPoint Presentation on all the documents presented in the book with related video clippings and music.

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    In this book, the first seven Stations are based on the Spiritual Works of Mercy. Here we reflect on the deeds of Christ (Actiones Christi). The subsequent seven Stations are based on the Corporal Works of Mercy. Here, we reflect on the person of Christ (Persona Christi). Hence, the entire Way of Mercy begins with the life of Christ and continues to His suffering and death.

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    The Christian community is the origin, locus and goal of catechesis. Proclamation of the Gospel always begins with the Christian community. It is the same community that welcomes those who wish to know the Lord better and permeate themselves with a new life. The Christian community accompanies catechumens and those being catechized. This book contains scholarly articles on Community Catechesis that can be a useful tool for all those who are engaged in Catechesis and Faith Formation.

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    This volume comes to you with foundational issues on environment and guidelines on the documents that refer to the environmental issues. The book is divided into three parts, namely, the Warming World, the Green World, and Nurturing Nature. These proposals are seen from an educative, formative and transformative perspective. This book is an Environmental Catechesis for the people of God.