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    Are today's apostles neglecting the life of prayer? Overwhelmed by multiple urgent tasks and limited in number and quality, we, today's evangelizers, tend to speak much about God to others without having spoken enough to Him. A hectic evangelizing activity, rarely joyful, is emptying the apostolic life of meaning. Before they were sent out, the Twelve were Jesus' companions, sharing His lifestyle and the work for the Kingdom. Having carried out their mission, they returned to Him for a communal living. This means that prayer is not another activity to be added to their evangelizing activity. To be with Jesus is not a loss of time, it is the way to reach the goal of becoming His envoy and receiving His recompense. The ten ‘lectios’ contained in this book have been composed and prayed in order to introduce us to communal living with the Teacher and seeks to offer the motivation, and the way, so that one who knows he/she is sent by Jesus may take up the life of prayer as His first apostolic service.

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    Retreat talks to the 26th General Chapter of the Salesians of Don Bosco. "An extraordinary theologico-spiritual reading of the Preventive System of Don Bosco.... A great contribution to our reflection on and assimilation of the Preventive System… which is still revealing to us its treasures." - Ivo Coelho, SDB, General Councillor for Formation

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    The Illustration on the Cover Page is a fresco painted by Filippino Lippi (1457-1504) in the Carafa Chapel of St Thomas Aquinas located in the Church of Santa Maria Sopra Minerva in Rome. The fresco belongs to the period 1488-1493. The two women in the foreground represent Theology and Philosophy. The tall, fair woman represents Theology, and the slightly shorter, darker woman stands for Philosophy. They are standing alongside each other and close together indicating the close alliance and collaboration between the two sciences, each supreme in its own field. Theology points with her hand to the figure of Thomas Aquinas in contemplation before the Crucified Lord, suggesting the source from where Aquinas derived his wisdom. Curiously, the man in the foreground whose back faces the viewer, and who is in animated discussion with some personage, who seems by his dress and appearance to be a pagan or Islamic thinker, has his left hand just below and parallel to the hand of Theology, and pointing in the same direction to Aquinas in prayer. This suggests that even in philosophical discussions with persons of other faiths, Aquinas is a trusted guide.

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    In this book Juan José Bartolomé SDB shows us how to do lectio divina using the Gospel readings of Sundays. In his presentation he combines sound scholarship with the concrete realities of everyday life. His reflections can help all those who wish to profit more from the Sunday readings. Formators and formees, preachers, animators of Bible Study Groups, BCCs, and all those who wish to understand and live by the Word will find invaluable help in this book.

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    The Salesian Biblical Association offers this volume to the Salesian family, on the occasion of the Synod on young people, for a pastoral animation centred on the Word of God. The subtitle expresses very clearly the purpose and contents of the book: to pray the theme of the Synod on young people, in the light of the word of God.

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    Faith Formation of Youth and Laity is a recently released book of Chacko Alice FMA, the author of the well-known volumes like Special Prayer Services, Let us Celebrate Mercy ... Faith Formation of Youth and Laity contains 20 well-prepared biblical prayer sessions. The author has put to good use her wealth of experience in working with youth and laity. The choice of highly relevant topics with logical ordering adds much value to this book. This book would undoubtedly be an effective tool for parish, groups and youth animation.