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    Know the Bible is a Scriptural bonanza that offers a holistic yet concise presentation of each of the seventy-three books of the Bible to enrich the reader with the cutting-edge know-how to interpret the Bible critically as per Catholic tradition. Know the Bible is a sizzling invitation to enter upon a millennial journey ‘from Genesis to Apocalypse,” to traverse ancient epochs in the company of Biblical characters and to relive the nodal points of Jewish and Christian salvation history.

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    As the fruit of an inordinately long and labyrinthine textual history that spans many centuries and reflects divergent cultures, the sacred corpus of the Bible legitimately demands sound and cogent answers to the plethora of queries from critical and perceptive readers. “Speak, Lord!” is a humble response to meet this felt need, an attempt to delve into the intricate divine-human text, to provide the necessary up-to-date information towards greater Bible know-how and life-in-the-Spirit-empowerment.