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The Jesus Prayer – A Rediscovery

Published Date: March 19, 2016

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1/8th Demy; pp. iv +242


The end of all our searching
is to come back to the place
from where we started and
rediscover it for the first time

These well-known lines of the poet and mystic T.S. Eliot best summarise the contents of this book. In the post-modern world, where more and more people feel more drawn to genuine spirituality than merely institutional religion, contemplative prayer methods assume ever greater significance. The Yesunamajapa, the prayer of the name of Jesus, is probably one of the simplest and oldest methods of contemplative prayer. In the maze of new spiritualities and self-styled gurus, there is evident danger that simple, time-tested methods and basic truths are apt to be set aside. This book offers suggestions and insights to guide us into a deeper God-experience through the Jesus Prayer.

This is not just another book on prayer, nor about prayer, but a few shared experiences and practical suggestions of praying a simple, millennia-old, and efficacious method of contemplative prayer, the prayer of the name of Jesus. Practical guidelines and ancient wisdom from oriental contemplative traditions like Yoga, Vipassana and Zen,
It is often said that a new idea is an old one taken seriously. Here is a workbook about a simple method of contemplative prayer; not another book to be just browsed through from cover to cover at one sitting, but a practical invitation and guide to rediscover a simple, ancient, efficacious method of contemplative prayer. have been adapted to help deepen God-experience through the prayer of the name of Jesus.


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