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Freedom of Enquiry and Expression in the Catholic Church – A Canonico-Theological Study

Published Date: March 18, 2016

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crown 1/4th -pp. xx+398;
ISBN : 81-87370-41-6


This scholarly work deals with a very important yet often controversy – provoking question: freedom of intellectual enquiry and freedom of expression in the Catholic Church.
The author, given his specialisation, deals with the issue from a canonico-theological perspective and does so keeping in mind the Church’s mission of being the guardian of the deposit of faith on the one hand and of fulfilling that mission with the love and pastoral charity required in shepherding the flock of Christ on the other.
The abundant bibliography and elaborate notes go to enhance the academic value of this well-researched work.


With a Foreword by Mons. Angelo Amato, SDB, Secretary, Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith.


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