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Communicating A Faith That Transforms – A Handbook of Fundamental Catechetics

Published Date: March 19, 2016

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1/4th Crown; pp. xx + 316


The volume in question is envisaged as a handbook of Fundamental Catechetics with a view to promoting the formation of catechists and those responsible for catechetical education and activity. The book amply treats of the identity of the catechetical enterprise, its significance within the pastoral practice of the Church and the qualities that characterize it in the light of the post-Conciliar renewal, especially the General Directory for Catechesis (GDC), also confronting the challenges posed by the contemporary world scenario, as for instance, the plurality of religions and the reality of poverty and oppression.
An invaluable help, not only for all Christian educators/formation houses/institutes of higher learning concerned with the challenging ministry of Faith-Education, but also for parish educators, catechists and other Christian disciples operating at the grass roots. This handy volume, serves both as a tool towards a better understanding of the catechetical enterprise and, furthermore, helps those concerned with this integral and important consequence of Christian discipleship, to find meaning and relevance for their life and ministry.


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